Chapter Eleven: Where there’s a Trickster there’s Trouble


A bored Loki is not a good thing for the Aesir! On the other hand he's as good at getting out of trouble as he is at getting in to it.

Chapter Ten: Love and Knowledge


Thor has to rely on his wits as he challenges a visitor, and a man shows off wisdom in his attempt to win a goddess.

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I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter Nine: Duels of Might and Mind


Thor meets his match at last but it is not his strength which fails him!

Chapter Eight: Thor in Utgard


Thor and Loki go on a journey.  They meet some very large people.  Lots of them!

Chapter Seven: A Quest for Love and a Quest for Beer


Freyr sulks and sends his mate to fetch him a special woman, and a lack of beer results in a journey for Thor and Tyr.

Chapter Six: The Necklace of the Brisings


Freya goes to any lengths to acquire a particularly special piece of jewellery. Loki gets involved in more trickery.

Chapter Five: Tales of Murder and Theft


Tales of Murder and Theft!!  Enjoy!

Chapter Four: Heimdall the Watcher


Loki finds a cunning way of rebuilding Asgard's wall and Heimdall goes on a productive journey.

Chapter Three: The Children of Loki


Loki's three monstrous children are dealt with by Odin and Loki decides to play a somewhat unwise trick on Thor and Sif.

Chapter Two: Introducing the Gods


Time to meet the Aesir and the Vanir and find out why Odin needs an eye patch.

Chapter One: In the Beginning


In this first chapter we introduce the complicated and slightly bizarre cosmology of Norse Mythology.

Norse Mythology: Who Were the Norse?


Welcome to the world of Norse Mythology. In this brief introduction we'll take a quick look at who the Norse actually were.

Merry Christmas to You All


Have a great holiday!

So…. what next?


The Myths and History of Europe... what comes next?

Chapter Twenty One: The Last Arrow


The Merry Men scatter and Robin has one last adventure. And then...?

Chapter Twenty: The Named Arrow


Robin gets immediate revenge for the death of his friend. This is followed by quite a bit more!

Chapter Nineteen: Kings Do Not Live Forever


Everything is wonderful in Sherwood. Robin has been pardoned; the Merry Men are law-abiding workers and King Richard the Lionheart rules. But... kings do not live forever.

Chapter Eighteen: A Day of Guests


It's like Grand Central in Sherwood as visitor after visitor arrives; some more welcome than others. One of the guests is someone rather special.

Chapter Seventeen: The Black Knight


The Merry Men march to Evil Hold to take their revenge on Sir Isembart. Success is dependent on the cooperation of an unknown ally.

Chapter Sixteen: Ravenscar


Robin and his men travel to Yorkshire to help a fellow Saxon. All is not well back in Sherwood!

History Collage


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Chapter Fifteen: A Bog, a Bishop and a Banquet


The Bishop of Hereford joins the ranks of the enemies of Robin Hood. He becomes somewhat bogged down in his attempts to capture the outlaw chief.

Chapter Fourteen: Alan and Lucy


A visitor arrives in Robbers' Glade and calls in a favour. Robin and his men are only too happy to oblige.

Chapter Thirteen: The Pinner of Wakefield


Maid Marian hears tales of a man from Yorkshire whose fame seems to be rivalling Robin's. They decide to go and check him out.

Chapter Twelve: To Catch a Sheriff


The Sheriff of Nottingham graciously decides to accept a pile of cash to capture Robin Hood. He soon wishes he hadn't!

Chapter Eleven: The Silver Arrow


Prince John is subjected to another tournament in Nottingham. He is most unimpressed when a scruffy beggar is allowed to enter. His day doesn't get any better!

Chapter Ten: A Step too Far


Robin makes his first bad decision. Its consequences are fatal.

Chapter Nine: Sir Richard of Lea


Another Norman knight encounters Robin Hood and his Merry Men. This time, though, the knight in question keeps doesn't leave Sherwood armourless and tied to his own horse.

Bonus Epdisode: History Connections


I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. All feedback very gratefully received.

Chapter Eight: Trickery Rules


Sir Isembart tries again to take his prize. Robin is ready for him, though, and his Merry band increases by one.

Chapter Seven: The Friar of the Fountain


Another knight is sent packing by Robin and his men. Then they go in search of spiritual services.

Chapter Six: The Pixies of Sherwood


Sir Guy of Gisborne persuades the very evil Sir Isembart to help him catch Robin Hood by lending him some men at arms. When they enter the forest Robin and Will are ready for them, and the invaders of Sherwood do not have a good time!

Chapter Five: The Cook Thief


Little John wants to prove himself but ends up getting fat on the Sheriff's hospitality. Meanwhile, someone is out hunting for Robin!

Chapter Four: A Little Help


Robin Hood goes to church but finds everything but spiritual peace. On his way home he has to cross a narrow plank bridge, but somebody is standing in his way.

Chapter Three: A Party for Prince John


Robin Hood loves archery contests. Prince John, on the other hand, doesn't. The one he goes to in Nottingham does nothing to change his mind!

Chapter Two: The King’s Deer


Poverty and desperation cause a young man to kill one of the deer that roam Sherwood. This kicks off a chain of events that end with him becoming an outlaw; as does his friend, Robin.

Chapter One: In Which Robin Hood is only Mentioned at the End


In this first chapter we chart the journey from one myth to another. What happened in the five hundred and fifty or so years between the death of King Arthur and the arrival of Robin Hood? Listen and find out!

Robin Hood of Sherwood: Introduction


At last, it's here!  the Legend of Robin Hood of Sherwood begins with a short introduction.



Announcing 'The Legend of Robin Hood of Sherwood', which will begin on December 18th 2014!! Also look out for a change of podcast feed name and some new artwork.

Chapter Fifty Two: The Real King Arthur


Was there one? Perhaps there was. Perhaps there wasn't. In the end, does it really matter?

Chapter Fifty One: The Sources of a Legend


Where does our information about King Arthur come from? In this chapter we take a quick look at the works of literature that relate the legend, and the historical sources of the times.

What’s Next?


After a couple of chapters on the sources of the legends and the 'real' King Arthur our tale will be finished. But the podcast will continue. How? Listen to find out!

Chapter Fifty: Checkmate


And so Arthur fights his decisive battle, but it is against Mordred and not, as had been expected, against Lancelot and his kinsmen.  The outcome is, of course, disastrous.

Chapter Forty Nine: The King’s Knight’s Gambit


Lancelot and Gawain, once the best of friends and now mortal enemies, finally face each other on the battlefield. Meanwhile, King Arthur receives some terrible news from home.

Chapter Forty Eight: A Bishop’s Move and a Queen’s Sacrifice


The King and Queen are reunited. Can the war between Arthur and Lancelot be ended? Probably, but for one man's wrath.

Chapter Forty Seven: But He Loved You… and so Did I


Agravain's indignation at Lancelot's treachery is unleashed. Unprecedented death follows as the number of Orkney Brothers is reduced from five to??? Well, you'll just have to listen to find out!

Chapter Forty Six: Sir Agravain Lights the Fuse


The Queen is rescued and the truth discovered but Agravain is far from pleased. A fatal conversation with King Arthur pushes Camelot beyond the point of no return.

Chapter Forty Five: A Poisoned Fellowship


King Arthur's suspicions grow and then fall again as he hears rumours from different sources. Events then take a strange turn when the Queen hosts a banquet.

Chapter Forty Four: Twenty Eight Days Later


So those who survived the Grail Quest are back in Camelot and all is great... for about a month!

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