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Paul Vincent, who was my husband and the writer of this podcast, died on 31 December 2018.

Our children and I have decided to keep the podcast available via Podbean in his memory.

Many thanks to all who have downloaded and supported it since its inception.


King Lear Chapter Two: Let Go the Wheel


Lear finds that his second daughter is no more accommodating then the first!

Chapter One: A Kingdom Divided


The king of Britain is getting old and dreams of retirement. But who should rule while he relaxes.

Competition Results


Well done to..........?



With the first episode of The Incomplete Works of Shakespeare imminent, here’s a little competition for you!

The Incomplete Works of Shakespeare: Introduction


Welcome to my new series - The Incomplete Works of Shakespeare.

Chapter Twenty Six: No More Heroes


The adventures of Odysseus and Aeneas come to an end.  We see what happens when Odysseus finally arrives home and find out whether Aeneas's city ever gets built!  The age of heroes is over.

Chapter Twenty Five: Journeys


Poor old Odysseus. The creator of the Wooden Horse knew he wasn't destined to get home for ten years but he never imagined quite how horrible the journey would be. On the way he loses ships and men, meets a scary one-eyed giant and has to choose between Scylla and Charybdis. Will he ever see his beloved Ithaca again?

Chapter Twenty Four: A Happy Homecoming… for Some


The Trojan War is over. Troy is gone, destroyed by the marauding Greek army and all of its leaders, except one, are dead. The weary Greek heroes make their various ways home. Some of them don't get the welcome they expected!

Chapter Twenty Three: An Unwanted Gift


At last everything is in place for the Greeks to take Troy. It is not all plain sailing, though; it takes trickery and cunning to complete the quest. Fortunately, in Odysseus, the Greeks have the trickiest and most cunning of all the heroes. Odysseus does not disappoint!

Chapter Twenty Two: The Last Trojan Hero


At last, Hector and Achilles finally meet in battle. One of them dies and the other revels in his glorious victory. Sadly, for him, the victor doesn't have much time left to enjoy it.

Chapter Twenty One: Wrath, Rage and Recklessness


Wrathful Achilles may be sitting on the sidelines sulking but the war rages on. Man mountain Ajax takes on the mighty Hector in single combat. Diomedes and Odysseus capture a Trojan spy and Agamemnon is injured in the fighting. When one particular Greek is killed, though, wrath turns to rage.

Chapter Twenty: Nine Long Long Long Long Years


Unfortunately, for the Greeks, Kalchas is proved to be correct. The poor heroes struggle to get to Troy and then have to wait nine years before the real fighting starts. A couple of the warriors are lost and then Agamemnon upsets his best fighter. It doesn't bode well!

Chapter Nineteen: The Judgement of Paris


All the prophecies start coming true as the Apple of Discord does its work. An inevitable chain of events leads to the launching of a magnificent fleet carrying the greatest army of the mythological world. The heroes of Greece are on their way to Troy.

Chapter Eighteen: The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships


The story of the Trojan War is one of the most famous and exciting of the Greek myths. It is a tale full of friendship, treachery, love, revenge, tragedy and death. This is the first of nine chapters which will tell the whole story of the build up to the war, the war itself and what happened to the survivors. In it we meet some of the important characters and hear about the wedding at which the seeds of the war were sown.

Chapter Seventeen: A Hero’s Work is Never Done


The story of Heracles draws to a close. We hear how he completes his final labour and then goes off on a spree of revenge before meeting a sticky end!

Chapter Sixteen: The Other Six Labours of Heracles


He's done the easy ones! Now it's time for the greatest hero of them all to get down to some really difficult tasks. As he goes about his last six labours Heracles drops in on the city of Troy and meets a couple of the Titans!

Chapter Fifteen: The Six Labours of Heracles


At last, it's time to begin the story of the greatest hero of them all. First we hear about the early life of Heracles, known to the Romans as Hercules. Everyone knows about the twelve labours he performed, though he was originally only set ten! We find out what causes him to have to perform his labours and we follow him as he sets out to complete them.

Chapter Fourteen: The Myths of Thebes


A chapter all about the goings on in the city of Thebes. We hear about the city's foundation and how it came to be ruled by one of the most unfortunate men in Greek mythology. We also solve the Riddle of the Sphynx

Chapter Thirteen: Bull Man and Bird Man


In this chapter we complete the tale of Theseus. We see him reach the height of his heroism and then fall from grace. We will also hear about one of the most famous incidents in Greek myth, commemorated by artists as different as Breughel and Iron Maiden: the flight of Icarus.

Chapter Twelve: The Labyrinth


It's time to begin the story of King Minos and the terrifying Minotaur. We will hear about the building of the labyrinth in which the beast was imprisoned. We will also meet the hero Theseus and have a good laugh at his interesting journey to Athens.

Chapter Eleven: Heroes and Villains


It's time for the story of the king who turned everything to gold simply by touching it. No trip through the myths of Greece would be complete without it. We will also hear about Meleagros of Kalydon and the great hunter Atalanta and we will finish with the sad tale of the young man who fell in love with his own reflection.

Chapter Ten: Jason and the Golden Fleece


This week we complete the story of Jason and the Argonauts. We meet the most scheming woman in Greek mythology and watch as she first helps Jason and then turns against him.

Chapter Nine: Voyage of the Argo


The first part of the story of Jason and the Argonauts. We hear how the Golden Fleece came to be where it was and why Jason was sent to find it. We follow the Argonauts on their long sea journey to the land of Kolchis.

What Next?


Announcing the new series!

Chapter Eight: More Men, Mortality and Meddling


In this chapter we hear the bloodthirsty story of the family of Pelops, including an unusual chariot race and a bitter feud. Zeus is up to his usual tricks and a few more of his children are hatched (and yes... I do mean hatched!)

Chapter Seven: Bring me the Head of the Gorgon Medusa


This week we hear the story of the first of the great mythical heroes of Greece. Perseus is sent by an evil king to kill Medusa, the only mortal Gorgon. He does not find it easy!

Chapter Six: Men, mortality and Meddling


It's time for us to meet some of the early mortal men and women and see how the gods interfered in their lives. We will find out about the births of two of great heroes of Greek mythology.

Chapter Five: The Domain of the Dead


A journey into the murky depths of the Underworld where Hades, King of the Dead, rules.  Here we meet the inhabitants of Tartaros forever destined to do pointless tasks as punishments for their actions while they were alive.

Chapter Four: Tales of the Immortals


In this chapter we meet the rest of the great Olympians. In doing so we find out about some of more unpleasant gods and their equally nasty children! Ares and his kids are particular favourites of mine.

Chapter Three: Olympians


This week we meet the rest of the children of Kronos and a couple of the other Olympians. Look out for the story of Poseidon's persuasive dolphin and the tale of poor Persephone.

Chapter Two: Clash of the Titans


The fun really starts here! Zeus and his brothers and sisters fight against Kronos and the Titans over who will rule the heavens and the Earth. Only one side can come out on top. Which one will it be?

Chapter One: In the Beginning


The frst chapter of our story introduces Gaia, the Earth and Ouranos, the Sky. We hear the Greek creation myth and meet the Titans and some hideous monsters!

Chapter Five: Beowulf’s Barrow


Beowulf is given a fitting send off as Wiglaf takes charge. The outlook is not good for the men who didn’t come to their king’s aid!

Chapter Four: Guardian of the Hoard


A new challenge presents itself to Beowulf and this time he is unable to face it alone. The outcome is somewhat bittersweet.

Chapter Three: The revenge of Mummy


All is well in the land of the Spear Danes.  Grendel is gone and peace prevails.  And then it doesn’t; big time.

Very Important Announcement


Introducing the new mythandhistory website.


Chapter Two: Grendel


The showdown between Beowulf and the beast is upon us.  It’s not going to end well for one of them!

Chapter One: In Which Beowulf is Only Mentioned at the End


So, at last, here it is: the first chapter of the story of Beowulf.

Episodes Written


I have episodes written for both of my podcasts along with a sore throat.  When I am able to speak properly there will be a couple of chapters released in quick succession.

Beowulf Introduction


So here we are at last, and many apologies for the extended delay, with an introduction to Beowulf.

So… What Next?


Announcing the next tale from the Myths and Legends of Europe!

Chapter Eighteen: Ragnarok


And so, the end.  The final battle is upon us.

Important Announcement


An important announcement about Christmas scheduling and my new recording technology.

Chapter Seventeen: The Flyting of Loki


A party goes badly wrong when Loki causes trouble. Then the Trickster gets what's been coming for a long time!

Chapter Sixteen: Baldur


It's back to the trials and tribulations of the Aesir as one of their number suffers an unhappy fate. Loki is, of course, involved.

Chapter Fifteen: The Sorrows of Gudrun


There's not a lot to add to the chapter title really. It is a catalogue of woes!

Schedule Update


There will be a week's delay in the schedule. Many apologies!

Chapter Fourteen: Two Weddings and Some Funerals


The wall of flame is finally breached but no good comes of it. Or of anything else really.

Chapter Thirteen: The Curse of Foresight


Sigurd rides away from Fafnir's lair and meets a wise woman. He learns his destiny and is far from pleased!

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