Myths and Legends of Europe


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Go to the new Myth and History website

The new Myth and History website is a resource supporting both the Myths and History of Greece and Rome and the Myths and Legends of Europe.  There will be news, a blog and a Greek or Roman of the week article.  Other items will be introduced in the future.  Ther is also a nice easy way for you to make a donation.  Anything you can donate will be gratefully received!



Some time in the New year when I start my next European mythology series I'll publish a list of hard copy and web sources which I have used or which you should find fun and interesting.  As a little taster I'd like to thank Dakota who has let me know of a great resource which I think you might enjoy.


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New Kindle ebook!

My new ebook: Legends of King Arthur and His Knights is now available on all Amazon stores.  The ASIN code is B01I8IB7J8. for the UK in the US

I hope you enjoy it!


Introducing the History Collage

The History Collage is a project produced by a group of history podcasters.  Each episode has a theme and is made up of short, no longer than nine minute, articles on the topic.  The current theme is 'Alcohol'.  You can hear my little contribution on alcohol in mythology on part one of the podcast which was released in December 2014.  Give it a listen.

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